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March 10th 2021, 4:57:57 pm

We are looking for new staff members for our Channels and Groups! 🔎
What are we looking for? 👀
Figures that can give time and experience to our Community, specifically:

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS - Figures to help with images, infographics and other projects. Good knowledge of Adobe Illustrator required.

EDITORS - Figures who look for news about the Pokémon Go world, reworking and publishing them as quickly as possible. The work requires an excellent English / Spanish knowledge and good tools command to search for news on web and social networks. Previous experience is essential.

PROGRAMMERS - Figures who have knowledge in development among the following technologies:
• Bot (Phyton)
• Backend (Java or Javascript)
• Frontend (Angular, Typescript, Html5, Sass)
• Android (Kotlin)
Previous experience required.

CHECKERS – Figures to review our products’ final stage. Excellent knowledge of the Italian language is essential, previous experience is appreciated.

TRANSLATORS – Figures with excellent knowledge of English, Spanish, German. A language diploma/certificate is required.

VFX 3D ARTISTS - Figures who have excellent knowledge in the use of major visual fx software and 2D/3D animation: After Effects, Unreal Engine, Maya/Blender, Toon Boom/Moho. Previous experience is required.

VIDEO MAKERS - Figures who have excellent knowledge in shooting and editing, previous experience on Youtube, with a strong dialectic and an Italian knowledge.

Do you reflect yourself in one of these figures and want to help us? Apply by writing:
- on Telegram to @RaidItaliaStaff / @RaidItaliaTalkBot
- Via e-mail to
- On Instagram via Private Message
- On Facebook via Private Message

By filling out this specific form: 🖌↙️
▪️Telegram Nickname:
▪️Role you are applying to:
▪️Available Time:

🎉 We look forward to seeing you there 🎉


March 10th 2021, 8:11:37 pm

▪️Are you looking for Information, graphics, stats, Battles, and PVP? 💥 Here's the perfect group!
✅ 💥

▪️Are you looking for New Friends to get Gifts 🎁 or For Pokémon Trades? ♻️
This is the group that suits you! Pokémon Go Friends, Trade & Fight!
✅ 👬👭👫

▪️Are you looking for IV 💯, Unown, Ditto, Regionals & Missions, Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit ?
The Pokèmon Go IV 💯 group has the answer!
✅ 🗺

▪️Are you looking for a group to invite and get invited to Raid remotely? 🔁
This is the group for you! Pokémon Go - Remote Raid!
✅ 🎟

For all the info, read the group rules 🎉

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March 10th 2021, 9:13:49 pm

✳️✳️ NEWS ✳️✳️


March 11th 2021, 9:33:39 am

March 11th 2021, 9:36:20 am

✳️✳️ NEWS ✳️✳️


March 11th 2021, 10:46:49 am

March 11th 2021, 10:47:07 am

March 11th 2021, 10:48:04 am

✳️✳️ NEWS ✳️✳️


March 11th 2021, 1:40:49 pm

New changes have been found in Pokémon GO Data Traffic! 🎉


▪️Level Up Quests now display on the left
▫️Also, another QOL that was reported was you can press '-' when you are at 1 when deleting items from your inventory for it to cycle back around and automatically select the max number in your bag
▪️Rainy Lure added!
▪️New Badges for Route Maker, Referrals, and the missing GO Tour badges
▪️New Referral Quest
▪️New Search Filter - By Hash Tag
▪️Additional Map Layers added for train systems
▪️Route Maker - so much Route Maker
▫️Very similar to Missions from Ingress (create paths going from Stop to Stop, submit them, then other players can follow them)
▫️Icons added for Route Maker item and menu button
▫️Create routes in the app by entering Top View and dragging points between stops and gyms
▫️Several dynamic map additions to re-adjust the scale and resolution of the map (probably for Top View)
▫️HDR, MSAA support was also added as part of this
▫️When creating routes, stops need to be within a certain range of each other and have a min and max stop count as part of the route
▫️Routes reward items (maybe you even set them when you make the Route but we aren't sure on that)
▫️You can give the Route a name and description, and it will get a main image
▫️Should be able to edit a route once it's been submitted
▫️When playing other people's routes, it shows you the distance you will travel, the time it will take, their rating, how many times it was completed, the route type, and any cooldown times
▫️When you are doing the route, there will be guides leading you from stop to stop
▫️There is a Store category for this feature, so we aren't sure how but it appears it will be monetized in some way
▪️Referral System
▫️When people come back to the game, they get a pretty sweet welcome image
▫️You can invite friends or other people via a new invite button
▫️You share a code, they enter the code, and viola they are playing PoGo
▫️There is a grace period to use the code
▫️There are different types of referees, regular, new, and lapsed (the game keeps track of how long you haven't played now)
▫️When people accept, there are milestones to hit for both players
▫️Miletones reward rewards of some kind and it appears both players can view the milestones
▪️Level Up Stats and Sharing
▫️Raids and pokestops visited are shown
▫️You can show your avatar with your buddy
▫️You can add hashtags (maybe related to the new search filter?)
▪️Global Stardust and Candy multiplier for better handling of event bonuses
▫️Sponsored Ballons
▫️As previously reported, Balloons will start bringing you gifts
▫️It appears a balloon can either be a Rocket or an Ad and the Ad will contain a gift
▫️There are new settings for how Balloons move around on the map
▫️NOTE: Rocket Balloons are not spawning according to reports in this version, it might be because of the new movement settings not being pushed yet so hopefully that's fixed soon
▪️Catan Logo added for Niantic Social
▪️Some smaller misc things

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March 11th 2021, 3:08:39 pm

New changes have been found in Pokémon GO Data Traffic! 🎉
▪️Level Up Quests on the Left!
Left Quests!
▪️New Lure!
Introducing... The Rainy Lure! Wonder what it will spawn.
Update: It's very possible it will be used to evolve Sliggoo into Goodra as well.
▪️New Badges
More on these features below, but two badges, one for the Route Maker feature and one for Trainers referred back to the game.
The rest of the GO Tour badges were also finally added. There were a few different versions of these badges in the game, and the badges currently in the Game Master didn't actually link to a badge in the APK. This should be fixed now (but you probably won't notice a difference).
▪️New Quest
This was also added to the Pokemon History feature so you can see which Mons were caught from a referral quest.
▪️New Search Filter
This might be related to the social share feature, but weird it's also a search term. Unclear what this does right now.
▪️Map Layers
A few new map layers were added in this version. These layers might be the changes they mentioned with Seasons of Legends for new spawns.
▪️Route Maker
Alright, strap yourselves in. This was a massive update with a lot added for routes. First and foremost, it appears to be very similar to the way Missions work in Ingress.
The key difference we can see though is it seems like you create the Route in the game in PoGo vs Ingress you use a website. We'll try to break it down as much as we can here how we think it will work for PoGo specifically.
Fun Fact: It appears that this feature was started back before PvP was even added to the game according to the code's timeline. The more you know!
First up, looks like that button above will be used to open a GUI menu that slides in and out? Might be wrong on the button itself, but there is a GUI 'Drawer' at least.
To create a route, looks like you do it by dragging the route points between different Stops and Gyms. You can add and remove points, as well as set which point is your starting point.
The add/remove PokemonTapped was also added to the map section, but it might not be related to the Route Maker.
There are two views - Walk and Top. Walk could just be what we currently have, and it sounds like Top is like the Rocket Radar view, but specifically, so you can edit Routes.
These are all the map updates of relevance in this update. Looks like in Map View, the icons and labels will re-size dynamically allowing you to zoom in and out to view the whole route or just a section of it? Toppers (extra decorations on the Pokestop like lures) look like they will be hidden as well.
The removing and adding of cells could either be Route Maker related or another way to handle the bug from 201.
There were also changes to the general camera to allow and adjust for HDR, MSAA, and dynamic resolutions. Perhaps to help scale down if the game has to load several stops in the Top View.
Some restrictions on the routes, including a min and max stop count, as well as a distance between stops, need to be within a certain limit.
We aren't sure if checkpoints are different than stops (they sound like the same thing). But there is a min and max distance between checkpoints as well and a recommended distance.
We aren't sure if these are rewards the players can set or not, or just rewards tied to the routes automatically generated. There was another section ShowSelectedItemBackground that may suggest you select your own item but there isn't enough information to go off for that yet.

❗️ All detailed information can be found HERE:

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March 11th 2021, 4:17:57 pm

New changes have been found in Pokémon GO Data Traffic! 🎉
▪️Referral System
The system was announced today but not a lot of details have come with it. We have a bit of a stronger sense of how it will work from the APK though.
▪️Welcome Back image
This is the image that will be displayed when a player is welcomed back to the game.
▪️Invite Icon
The image used to invite a friend. Note this also matches the unknown badge from before (which makes sense as that badge is now known as the Referral Badge).
The invite button to invite people back to the game.
Pretty standard stuff, you get a code, you share the code, you input the code, and then you have great success! Unless you are in cool down. No great success then.
The different types of referees. That is an ugly word to type. Yuck. The game also tracks how long you are a lapsed player now as well (added to your Player Stats).
You can have issues redeeming the code though, including passing a grace period to use it.
Looks like there will be different milestones you need to hit with your referee and once they are hit you can claim rewards. And it seems there are also milestones for the referrer.
These are all the Referral settings. The recent features are interesting because it appears that these will be listed in the Game Master with icons, names, and descriptions. Will be fun to see how often these are updated so we can report on them.
▪️Level Up Stats and Sharing
The announced Level Up Stats got some extra updates, including showing raids completed and stops visited. You can also share your avatar (which looks like it includes your buddy too based on below).
Looks like you can share your avatar and buddy too.
And don't forget the hashtags! Sorry. #Dontforgetthehashtags
You might also be able to write a custom message too.
▪️Global Stardust and Candy Multiplier
A much better way to handle candy and dust events. Instead of updating every Mon, they can now set a global override. This is added to the GM so we should see how this is used when it goes live.
▪️Subscription Updates
Not much new with this update regarding subscriptions, other than this to track subscriptions between Google and iOS.
▪️Balloon Ads/Gifts Updates
We have a bit more information on the ads/gifts you'll get from Balloons. Looks like you'll either a Rocket or a Sponsored balloon but not both at the same time? Or one can dismiss the other, it's a little unclear.
There were some new movement settings added though, which set how a Balloon can move around on the map. Specifically how far it can wander off, its max speed, and how often it wanders.
You can also opt-out of ads so you don't see the Ad Balloons, among some other errors why they may not appear.
▪️Catan Logo
This is most likely for Niantic Social (Ingress and HP have their logos in the game too).
▪️Content Card
Maybe related to the News section, but it's a new type of card to display... Something.
Label for Sponsored Content
Called 'Pikachu Footprint' - It might be related to the Route Maker but we aren't sure
There was a change to the fade-in time during gym battles when time is up.
get_TargetPokemon was added to the PvP combat camera.
get_PokeballInPlay added to the catching mechanics, but not sure what it's for.
get_IsPopUpMenu was added to the PvP switching menu, and add_OnChargeAttackAnimationActiveChange (and a remove) was added to PvP as well.
There are some changes to the way texts/translations are handled with older texts copied over to a separate file (English only right now).
get_RefreshOfflineFriendsModulus and get_RefreshNonEventFriendsModulus were both added to the Timed Group Challenge (the global challenges for things like GO Fest).
Several backend libraries were also updated including Firebase, SafetyNet, Android X, GMS (including an Ad library from Google).

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March 12th 2021, 6:55:46 am

✳️✳️ NEWS ✳️✳️


March 13th 2021, 2:20:51 am

Mega Manetric stats have been added to the game.

March 16th 2021, 9:25:11 am

✳️✳️ NEWS ✳️✳️


March 16th 2021, 9:26:24 am

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March 16th 2021, 9:26:36 am

✳️✳️ NEWS ✳️✳️


March 16th 2021, 9:29:02 am

🥊 Trainers, the Ultra League has started in the GO Battle League! 🥊


March 16th 2021, 9:29:31 am

Remember, Trainers! The following Mega-Evolved Pokémon will be appearing in Mega Raids during March.


March 16th 2021, 10:10:41 am


March 17th 2021, 8:57:56 am

March 17th 2021, 8:58:08 am

June 22nd 2021, 9:46:13 am

August 5th 2021, 4:46:49 pm

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August 5th 2021, 4:47:18 pm

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