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January 20th 2020, 10:12:19 am

👉👉 Hello I have a confession but it's not really about me,it's more to do with my friend,but what she's doing is rubbing off on me and the guilt is crazy,so there's this girl lemme call her X,so X and I have been friends for close to 9 years,and when we met it was an instant connection,she's from county 1,where the mother lives(she doesn't have a job,survives by pimping out X). yes now this is the problem X is married to some old Italian who visits Kenya every two years,but supports her financially sends her 50k monthly,for upkeep because the rent he pays directly. she's been dating numerous guys, actually had a baby by one last year,now the thing is am the one always left with the kid from when he was as little as 3 months and she had to go on dates. Yes I know one can be lonely and it's OK too,but recently I had to take her to an introduction ceremony to the current boyfriend's parents and I have never felt that guilty my entire life,they're amazing people,kind really and very welcoming I can't tell this guy he can't marry X coz X is already married coz it's none of my business but I feel really terrible about the entire situation

January 20th 2020, 10:51:52 am

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January 20th 2020, 11:21:59 am

👉👉 Hey Ann, I've been following your channel for quite some time and I believe I now have the courage to tell you my deepest secret...a secret that not more than 5 people know. For confidentiality purposes I will not reveal my detail informations but I'll explain it as much as I can.
While everyone's life experiences are different, I hope people can take my life story as an example of how bad life can truly be and have the patience to turn their life around.

I was born to a family of 4, to a divorced couple. After their divorce my mom made it her goal to hurt and humiliate my dad. With that in her mind, she sold all her jewelry (worth around $25,000) and OUR house (which was in our name as in her kids and worth around millions by today's market value) and moved us into some Arab country and bought a visa for some dude whom she later on married. But Dad did follow her to that country. I think her decisions that were based on emotions messed her up. While in this 'Arab' country, she abused the fuck out of us, physically and mentally. The physical abuse went for from I was 4 or 5 till I was around 18 years old but the mental abuse is still going on.

The physical abuse is by far the worst thing I ever experienced in my life. At first because I was small in size she'd just pick me up and throw me around and I'd just run or hide under the chairs while she continued to hit my older siblings. But when I reached around 7 years old the intensity increased. She'd strip us naked and use electric wires to hurt us. She'd hit us with wooden bar so much that I remember that it was hard to even stand after being hit but my siblings would help me stand because we were not allowed to sit when she was 'angry'. She'd punch us, kick us in the guts, bite us, scratch our face and body, she'd starve us for a day and all these are the stuff that I remember to this day. This happened at lease twice weekly.

When I was in high school she once heard that me and my classmates were playing with water and she entered my classroom when there was no teacher and she used her flip flops as a 'slap machine' so much that I had marks on my face.
At first we'd blame each other for her getting 'angry' like why didn't one of you fix the house, or why were you all loud but later on we got to the conclusion that we were just normal kids and that she was mentally 'not correct'. Soo many nights I slept crying like a little girl, soo many nights I cursed at God for creating me, soo many times we told dad about her hitting us but he was raised without a mother and in his perspective a bad mother is still better than no mother at all so he just told us to be strong and brave. Now I know that he was just a selfish bastard who wanted to marry and fuck whomever he wanted and we'd get in the way of that.

I've tried to kill myself soo many times but I just couldn't take that last step still don't know why. And thank God that I didn't because after seeing '13 reasons why' on Netflix, I know realise that I can just chose to not allow what life throws at me to get to me and now, my new plan in life is to get filthy rich and help kids all over the world who are suffering from parental abuse.
I hate my parents and I wish them well because their demise will not come from me but from their own making.

I will never forget or forgive them.
Thanks for the life lessons mom and dad, I know you'll both go to hell for what you've done.

June 25th 2020, 2:05:32 pm

June 26th 2020, 8:19:03 am

👉👉 Hi all. am ben. My confession is that i can't keep a wife or i should say i can't sustain a marriage, maybe i have a bad temper or because am the worst person on the planet at communicating. my first wife also my first love was so perfect for me at first. there was no issues at first but then after she got pregnant she started asking questions like why were you late, who was that you were talking to on the phone, why are you using perfume today but you didn't yesterday, how female workmates are saved in your phone. i thought it was absurd i remember ignoring her and just continuing on with my routines as usual until one day, it was on her seventh month of pregnancy she became insistence and insulting about it in the morning right when i
was heading to work that i gave her a hard slap. i regretted it immediately, expressed how sorry i was then told her am getting late we should discuss it when i came back in the evening. when i came back, there was no wife, she had swept all her belongings there was literally no trace of her i have never seen such a professional cleanup in my life. i was told her mom came and helped her move. that's how i lost my first wife. i tried everything to get her back but her family especially was insistent on a quick divorce or they sue me so that was it. my second and third wives cheated on me, i was so hurt by the third one because she knew my story with the second and how it had affected me but she did it. i wish she could confess why she did it because that is a long story in itself. when i asked why, she said i valued my job more than my marriage she had started feeling lonely. it's hard to stay with someone who has cheated on you so i separated with both. last year i had my fourth, about twelve years younger than me but still it didn't work. i tried so hard to tolerate some of her behaviors but in the end the age difference won and i separated from her also. in those marriages i have three kids i hope they forgive me for my inability as a man to sustain a marriage despite all the difficulties that come with a marriage. sometimes i miss my first wife

June 26th 2020, 10:32:10 am

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June 26th 2020, 11:38:20 am

June 26th 2020, 3:55:57 pm

👉👉 Ann please hide my identity. I'm Densel .I had a long distance relationship with a guy I barely know when I was 15 back then in high school .He knew everything about me and I did too. One day after school vacated .We came home and all he could say was he heard something about me so he brokeup with me. Till now he doesn't want to tell me what he heard about me . During a certain summer vacation ,I met this pretty cool ,handsome and humble guy who likes and wants to marry me. But the truth is I still love my ex and don't know how to forget him😞😞. I've tried most of the time to forget him but as soon as he texts me he reminds me of his love and blames me for the breakup😕😕. He sometimes asks me if I want to get back with him. Eventhough I want to get back with my ex. I can't break the humble heart of the guy I met during the summer vacation. I'm beginning to like the guy I met but anytime I hear from my ex .His loves gingers me again. I can't seem to forget my ex because I love him very much but I don't want to get back with him because I like this new guy and don't want to break his heart😕😕. Please help me what should I do. Thank you

June 27th 2020, 9:54:18 am

👉👉 Hae Annie.... Can't believe am doing this, i like reading other people's secrets but keeping my secrets to myself 😄😄😄😄. .... This has been bothering me for so long i've been wondering what will happen if i write to u and see it live for everyone to see..... Don't forget to take my identity to the center of the market in Wuhan China 😂😂😂😂 where no human will be interested to find.

So..... For those that might care, am a woman, 35+ almost 40 Lol!! 🤩🤩🤩 living a carefree kindof lifestyle now cz of all the things i've gone through. Am married, this is my 2nd marriage btw ✌️✌️✌️🤟🤟 and i have kids but that's all there is to it. Am in this marriage for my kids..... well, also am not gonna divorce at this age will i now? 😹😹😹😹😹...... I've chosen to concentrate on things that make me happy and to simply ignore what i can't control. I came to the knowledge that stress can kill you very easily if you don't watch out n this is the base of my confession( Btw Ann, you made made a typo in a poll, it's confessions subscribers not "confesions" subscribers lol!! 😂😂😂😂).

As with many women, a pregnancy can take a toll on you..... Men who haven't developed a pot belly yet😉😉 wouldn't understand it but watching your stomach inflate like that isn't as easy as you many might think 😂😂😂😂..... I was not myself during that time, i was very hard to deal with but i was not the worst and frankly i don't deserve what i got..... My younger sister came to live with me during the later stages of my pregnancy, to help me through, i was happy she offered her time to be with me..... I swear to me, my husband hated that particular sister and she hated him, that's what i honestly thought, i remember trying to make them get along without success on multiple occasions.... I wish i could tell this word by word but it's impossible so i'll jump straight to the important parts.... For some reason, I started sleeping early, around 5 & 6pm regularly i would go for 3 days without seeing my husband.... But one day, on the very last days i woke up at 10pm sweating heavily so i went to get a breeze on my window, our house back then had an upstairs where our bedrooms were located so you could kindaof have an aerial view of the compound from my bedroom..... The picture, 😔😔😔 it's so hard to forget it, everyday i wish i could but to this day even with how i've moved on i still can't forget it, it's so clear in my mind.... My sister, both of her hands on my husband's bonnet, my husband's pants and whataview dropped but still on his legs just doing the unthinkable like two little rascals.... I gave birth that day, a few days early.... I never mentioned anything. The labour, fear if my child would make it made me forget that for a while.... I decided to let it go and pretend that everything was okay until i got used to it..... Maybe one day one of them will read this and feel guilty but don't, it's in the past..... Now i focus on being a good mom, travelling and learning new things.... It has not been easy living with it but in the middle of all the chaos, i found a purpose and happiness and that's what i focus on.... That said, Don't stay in a bad relationship because of reasons like mine..... I've not been strong enough to move on so be strong 💪 and do it.

That's all 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ peace to all.

June 29th 2020, 9:27:41 am

👉👉 hi ann. after a long time it is time i put this into writing. have read many confessions so far only one seems to be like mine i thought there would be many people out there who are like me. i guess theirs too few of us with this issue in this planet. am an above average looking guy, getting a girl has never been my issue but at 29 i still don't have a girlfriend am not gonna have one soon. i might as well age and die single because of sometin that is out of my control. i fart uncontrollably. ever since i was a lil boy i have been farting like this for as long as i remember. as a child it was fun, i could fart effortlessly everytime me n the boys had a fart competition n yes that was a thing for us. come to think of it, i think that game was invented just so they could laugh at my farts. farting back then was fun and enjoyable until i got a bit older then it stopped been fun anymore n instead it became embarrassing. at first i could not manage it. farting every where aimlessly. some time i would fall asleep on the bus and when my turn to leave came out, i would wonder why everyone was looking at me until someone told me i made loud farts when sleeping i have never slept on the bus again. i tried many different foods, the only difference is some food make me fart very smelly one's but all food makes me fart generally. as i got older and started relationships with girls, i came to know i can't sleep on the same bed with a girl the whole night, maybe if she's wearing a gas mask or something. my first girlfriend tried hard to withstand me but eventually she gave up, i understand her. i have tried different meds over the years, different herbal medicines none work. the worst of all is when i have sex with a girl and am on top, as i climax and cum, i shoot many loud farts as am doing that uncontrollably so due to the shame i don't like dating. right now i can slightly manage my farts at work or at a club but i must not eat some types of foods. now i opted to pay for sex with someone who does not know me at all when i need so that i hide my shame. the worst thing is i have to live like this rest of my life

June 29th 2020, 9:41:13 am

June 29th 2020, 2:26:00 pm

👉👉 So today is my day. Why is this hard?.. Anyway here it goes.. I have been married for 5 years in total now, of those 5, 2 were great, 1 was mixed the last 2 especially current one is absolute hell.. I was married with one child from another relationship, the oldest then we added two more.. I have told one of my friends this but she didn't believe, i will not tell anyone else, better to write it down and try to live a normal life.. I live with a gay husband, can't tell if he is bisexual but he sleeps with men frequently.. I have nothing against LGBT community but this is not what i signed up for.. Yes i was desperate to find a man bearing in mind i had a child and the real father had denied but this has been so hard for me.. To make it worse he told me he likes being the "woman".. To me it felt disgusting, again no offense to LGBT community.. Not once during courtship did he ask to have sex with me, i thought that was cute but i should have seen it coming.. After marriage, first days we had sex like once a week but last year it was once the whole year and that's when i told him i have decided to move on.. He tells me if it's sex i want, i can have a lover outside he doesn't mind but am not comfortable with that kind of arrangement.. i found out who he was after he got sick and i had to use the banking app in his phone to make a transaction.. It was full of male nudes, many chats whatsapp of male nudes.. People say marriages this marriages that but this is unfixable, i can't leave and i got no clue how to move on, furthermore am just a housewife.. It appears some people were never born to be happy 🙁

June 29th 2020, 2:26:53 pm



June 30th 2020, 10:44:09 am

👉👉 Hey Ann,
So, I don't exactly know why I'm really here but I am a writer and I thought maybe writing things and sharing them won't affect me. I have addictions that I couldn't let go. I am a christian and I love God. I don't care what anybody else thinks but to me, God is everything and he was there for me listening and answering even when I think he isn't. I was a happy person who had purpose in my life and goals that I was eager to achieve. And I am achieving them. I did it and I still couldn't fill the void in my heart that could only be filled by God. I am not a person who stays firm in what she believes. I fluctuate. I plan but never worked according to my plans. And I lie a lot. Not lies that would hurt people but just outta habit. If you ask my friends what kinda person I am, they will surly say the opposites. I try to be real but I'm the fakest. All the things I do come out from the self that I pretend to be but I'm tired now. I'm over it and I wanna change. But I'm scared of changing. I'm scared that all my works come out of the false me that when I try to build my own character that people will have fun of me. I act brave and I tell people to be themselves. But I'm scared of a lot of things and my black balloons are weighing on me. I can't do it on my own. And I'm alone. I know its gonna be a long journey but I must be brave enough to do it. Can anyone help me?

July 1st 2020, 11:27:54 am

👉👉 Hi ann am so delighted to get a chance to share this. So am fredrick.. Lets just use that. I was in this 5year relationship with my girlfriend whom i met immediately from college, one thing led to another and she conceived a baby girl. At that point i had secured my 1st job as a salesman and we had moved in together, i went to her home and paid bride the price and everything and for a moment it was like i was living my best version ad say.. So after some months i secured her a job from a friend at a sacco company so she could also get on her feet. After about 5months in her job she started changing. She became so cold and after afew weeks later i did find out she had an affair with her boss. I did try to confront her, talk to her but all were in vain. Funny enough even her boss started threatening my life. And for a second i was this fucked up dude who was like living in fantasy all along. Soon after i fell into depression and even tried committing suicide because her new lover was a powerful man and made sure i lost everything even my job. So after 2months i moved to a different town where i had therapy seccions. So one day we are in seccions and my counsellor probably 34-40 is staring at me and am like okay... So after seccion he invites me for coffee and we meet up.. I don't know but he just in our or the other convinces me out and the next thing.. Am gay.... At 1st i hated every bit of what i had got myself into but after a while. I just find me going and falling back to him.. Its now 1year in this relationship with my boyfriend and i can't lie i feel for once so secure, wanted and happy. Maybe its another fantasy too but for as long as it may take. Am having the best moment of my life.

July 1st 2020, 11:28:13 am

👉👉 Hello Anne... There's something I'm really yearning to take of my chest...please hide my identity... So I've read other confessions and mine maybe more of just a confusion...I'm 21....well here it goes...I've currently dating two great really great...thing is...the first guy has been my bf for about 3yrs we've had our ups n downs n I've dated some other guys while still with him for some personal reason...the guy has soo nice ever since n hez always there for me...he has cheated on me severally but I always brushed it off coz normally they were just texts or other times I just pushed him to do it...he has proven his love for me like always...I was never really in love with him..well after my first love...falling in love has really been a huddle hence the seeing other guys resently I joined this dating site for the fun part of it...I then met my other mr. Right... He is just charming good looking and other stuff...thing is this other guy has a kiddo n he drinks ...well I really never liked drunks....but I'm getting more n more attached to he's the real deal...I would really like to give it a go with him but I also don't wanna loose my other bff told me I should just stick with guy no. one coz its only that things are still hot with the new guy....I regret allowing myself fall for this new guy coz now hez like a drug I can't resist...I'd love to get the members opinion... N yeah criticism is allowed...and btw I'm still a virgin so sex is never the reason why I see other men...I just wanted to fall in love soo bad..and I may be falling for this baby dady...still I don't wanna loose my other bf........hide my Id pls pls...xoxo....

July 1st 2020, 11:47:34 am

July 2nd 2020, 6:07:47 pm

👉👉 hi Ann I got alot to say that I actually contemplated to reveal this here goes...
I grew up from a prophetic family so its like in my life I knew what's next so I got in a relationship with a guy and I knew I would get pregnant but who can fight love?? before I gave birth I was told everything about the Guy's family I was so disappointed that I regretted ever dating him.... his mother believes in witch craft to the point that she wanted to sacrifice my son because of money she has made her son to do everything she says we even broke up( I felt a sigh of relief actually I can't end up fighting her witch craft all my life) and after two months this guy got into another relationship only to break up with her he knows I don't know but I already know.... his mother did some shitty things to her son I wanted to tell this guy but how will I tell him his mother is the cause of his father having stroke because she wanted to sacrifice him for money rituals???? how will I tell him she is the cause of his rejection everywhere even at work and that his money will never help him because it was taken to an altar that his mother knows and that their hom in Mombasa has this altar???? even his big sister is in this world her mom is but they pretend they know God......But I will tell you one thing prayer works there is God if my son is still breathing then no witch can stand against me lJN.... I also see btw😊😊😊

July 2nd 2020, 6:15:24 pm

August 15th 2020, 2:11:52 pm

👉👉 Hi guys... please admin hide my identity.. I have a confession to make...
My life is very very weird and hard. Am 21 years old.. Still in campus.. I have very strict parents.. They are more focused on my education than my emotional and health state.
When I was in primary school I was in a public school.. And then later transferred to a private school.. Which was full of rich kids.. I was bullied.. Bt i tried to endure it.. Until I couldn't any longer.. I wrote suicide notes.. And when my parents saw them.. Instead of asking me what's wrong or trying to get to the bottom of this.. They scolded me soo bad
One time.. mum woke me up to go to school and I wasn't feeling well.. I tried to tell them I wasn't feeling well. They ignored me and told me to go to school.. I got really sick and the teachers had to call my parents.. bt still they thought I was pretending
They have been like that all my life.. They think am always pretending.. It got to a point where I got high blood pressure. They still didn't care... soon I got to high school.. Bullying still continued.. In form two.. My head was aching everyday for almost a year.. I tried telling them bt.. They still ignored.
They were soo strict on me. Such that I wasnt even allowed to talk to guys for more than 15 mins 😂. Bt.. Finally i finished form 4... and was told to do a course i didn't even want to being the obedient child that I am I went to campus.
The freedom. Wow.. I was glad i finally had freedom. By that time I hadn't even hugged a guy.. 😂. Bt.. When I got there.. I even lost my virginity that first semester. 😢. Bt all in all.. I started a job.. Since I hated my course and hated going to the classes.. It continued for about 2yrs..I had tried to tell my parents about it.. Bt they scolded me before I even broke the news to them.. All this time my parents think am in school.. I know.. I screwed up bad.. Bt I didn't really care at that time.. I met a great guy.. And we moved in together.. I lied to the guy am. Still in school bt had taken an academic leave... Bt after staying together for 5 months he got suspicious... I told him the truth.. And he was shocked and decided that i should go back to school and would talk to my parents.. He told me to call my parents and tell them the truth.. And soo.. I did... It didn't go well.. My parents were soo angry.. And to make it worse.. I had moved in with a guy..
Bt.. My boyfriend calmed them down and promised we would go to talk to them together.. I was happy and loved him even more..
The awaited day came. And we went home.. My uncles and dad were there.. After alot of talking.. And since I had already decided on going back to school.. My parents said my boyfriend.. Should now pay the fees and would help us. When we had trouble paying it.. And we were told that since we had stayed together for more than 6 months we were now husband and wife.. My boyfriend and I agreed.. He payed my fees.. I went back to school and everything was alright.. Bt good things don't last forever.. My boyfriend had alot on his plate.. He was supporting his fam he was also paying his fees.. He had taken a course also.. Whigh cost him around 100k and I decided.. Lemme go ask my dad for help.. Since he had said he would help..
Bt what he said next make me cry.. He said he wouldn't help.. Said very bad things about my boyfriend. He even insulted his siblings... and he added that he would only pay my fees if I were single or divorced.. My boyfriend had the conversation.. He got soo stressed that he got sick.. I got soo worried.. He had even fallen down.. I mean my dad had said some really really bad things about him.. I understood his situation..
. Soo.. I said.. Lemme just go home.. Pretend I had broken up with my boyfriend so That dad can pay my fees and then after an yr we could get back together with my boyfriend.... My boyfriend was reluctant bt.. I was sure that would work

August 15th 2020, 2:12:04 pm

So.. I went back home.. Waited for dad to arrive and break the news.. Bt.. I wasnt ready for what he said next.. He said he knew we had planned this and he wasn't going to pay
my fees..
I tried to confront him about how he spoke about my boyfriend..because what he had done was wrong bt he said I was disrespectful and he would get me a curse.. i tried to keep my cool.. Bt then I found out that he was abusive to my mum and his parents... he had done some really bad things.. I can't mention.. and he was at Frontline.. In church.. I felt soo disgusted by him.. I didn't even want to go to church...anymore.. Soo I stated at home.. Bt. After staying at home for 3 Sundays... he finally asked why i wasn't going to church.. I couldn't tell him I wasn't going because I was disappointed In him.. And what he had done.. Soo.. I lied I didn't believe in God.. Which is a lie.. I believe I. God and Jesus and their teaching..
He started Saying that's why I couldn't even manage my marriage.. That's where I lost it.. I told him he had ruined my marriage by treating my boyfriend badly... Instead of refusing to pay the fees.. He just had to speak very bad about my boyfriend and now he
was sick.. He got up and started beating me.. My mum and bro stopped him.. Bt I was chased away from home.. I tried to call my boyfriend and tell him what had happened he just ignored me..

Soo I just went to my grandparents place.. I stayed there for a while.. Still knowing about all the bad things my dad had done... All the lies he fed me.. It was soo hard... The love of my life was ignoring me.. My dad is just terrible.. My mum got sick..
In the end. Mum called me. And said that I needed to apologize to dad.. So that he would pay my fees.. I lowered my ego and called him.. And apologized.. He forgave me and told me to come back home and soo I did.

Am still at home... Soo uncomfortable.. Soo broke Noone understands me.. Looking at memes to keep myself happy.. I just wish I could get out of here.. Get a job and be independent soo that I could get out of here.. Am still doing the course they choose for me.. I've learned to love it.. I've fought depression all on my own... Bt am just tired... I lost my laptop also.. I know this will bring up another bad fight with my dad...
Am so sorry it's long

August 15th 2020, 2:12:22 pm


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