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May 30th 2020, 7:34:07 am

🔰How to Crack Accounts - Basics for Noobs🔰

This is how to crack accounts for people who are literally noobs, meaning that you have no idea what cracking is and how it works.
This would've been something I wished I had when I started out cracking.

Basically what cracking is, it's taking combolists, and running them through a program to check if that info is valid.
You usually want to use proxies so your IP doesn't get banned Combolists: It's a txt file full of emails and passwords, in the format emailass
Proxies: The "gateway" between you and the internet.
Basically use this so your IP doesn't get banned.
Checkers: These are the checkers you use to check the combolist.

🔰Steps of Cracking:🔰

1. Get a combolist
2. Get a checker for whatever account you want to crack
3. Get proxies
4. Load combolists and proxies into the checker

5. Press start Your checker should now start checking each email from different proxies to see if it's a valide combo for that service You use proxies since the company, let's say Disney again, will ban your IP for logging in too many times.
The proxy makes it so it seems like your logging in from different locations each time.

Beware cracking is ILLEGAL.
But the risk is very low.
Cracking is unethical.
Anyway, have fun!

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