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November 24th 2021, 5:27:00 am

DICE Outlines Major Updates And Changes Coming To Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2024 has already attracted millions of players after its full release on November 19, but the multiplayer-only Battlefield title has also received a large number of negative reviews on Steam, currently sporting a "mostly negative" review score on the platform. Fans have expressed disappointment with a buggy launch and lack of legacy features, but today DICE has restated its commitment to the game, promising in a blog post that it will be "supporting and evolving it for years to come."

The post gives a roadmap on planned updates and changes coming to Battlefield 2024, starting with Update #2, which is due to release on Thursday November 25. This update will be followed by an even larger Update #3 in early December, with DICE saying that a further update after this will hopefully release before the holidays as well. Further down the track, the studio will start revealing details about the game's first season in 2022.

The developer also re-stated its committment to including various legacy features that aren't present in the current version of the game, though it doesn't currently have a timeline for these features. "End-of-match Scoreboard, Server Browser, and features like Voice Chat are big topics for us to cover all at once, and we have plenty we want to say around them," the post reads. "We’ll come back to you when we have things that we can show to you, including details about our long-term vision for certain features and functions."

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November 24th 2021, 6:19:00 am

Fall Guys Reveals Season 6: Party Spectacular

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's sixth season is coming on November 30, with the theme "Party Spectacular." The celebratory season will introduce five new Rounds and 25 new costumes, including two Ghost of Tsushima tie-in costumes. The new season will also feature a limited time Sackboy event.

The new Rounds include Party Promenade, a new party-themed gauntlet level including new obstacles like vacuum tubes, water balloon cannons, and trapeze bars. Full Tilt is a new take on an old classic, taking the game's infamous seesaws to the next level, while Pipe Dream is Round fully comprised of zoomy vacuum tubes arranged as a maze for players to traverse. Airtime sees players navigating a combination of objects including trapeze, conveyor belts, rotating platforms while trying to stay in the air, with drums and flippers around to toss players back into the action. The last new Round, Leading Light, sees players trying to stay in the spotlight in competition with all other players still in the game.

Season 6 will launch with a Fame Path including 50 tiers of rewards, with 25 new themed costumes available throughout the season. Two of them feature a tie-in with Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima, with two different costumes celebrating the game's protagonist Jin Sakai.

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November 24th 2021, 7:49:00 am

Halo Infinite Has A Sesame Street Easter Egg

After the early release of Halo Infinite's multiplayer on November 15, players have started to discover easter eggs 343 Industries has hidden throughout the game's many multiplayer maps. One of the latest that has been unearthed is a cute tribute to beloved childrens' TV show Sesame Street, or more specifically its trash can-dwelling character Oscar the Grouch.

The easter egg was spotted by YouTuber xGarbett, who found the Sesame Street homage in the multiplayer Streets map. Down a small alleyway in the urban-themed map are two dumpsters, one with the lid open and the contents visible.

In the video, xGarbett discovers that the in-game ping system tags the location as "Oscar's House," in reference to the Sesame Street character Oscar the Grouch. Notably, the game doesn't tag all trash cans as Oscar's House, with the one next to it simply displaying "Plaza."

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November 24th 2021, 2:26:00 pm

DnD Critical Role Minis: I Tried Painting For The First Time, And It Was Tranquil

For over 20 years, I've played Dungeons & Dragons with the same core group of people. Throughout the years, we used items like army men, coins, and even a Blob action figure from X-Men: The Animated Series as our tokens on the battlefield. Luckily, as D&D became more and more popular, a mountain of high-quality miniatures have become available to the public.

And within that mountain of miniatures, there's a smaller market of unpainted minis for people who really enjoy painting. In my years of tabletop gaming, painting minis was never something I did nor something I thought about doing. When it comes to art, I am, for lack of a better word, crappy. I don't have a natural talent for it, and I get frustrated because of it.

So when WizKids sent me a bunch of Critical Role unpainted figures, I figured "what better time than now to see what this is all about?" What I thought was going to be a failure of hilarious proportions turned out to be one of the most serene and tranquil times I've felt during the pandemic. That's not hyperbole.

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November 24th 2021, 3:00:00 pm

Fortnite: The End - Chapter 2 Finale Announced; Start Date And Details Here

Fortnite Chapter 2 is coming to an end, Epic finally confirmed following weeks of rumors and fan theories. More specifically, Fortnite is coming to The End, which is the name given to the Chapter 2 finale event that you can be a part of, but like some past events, this is a one-time show, so you'll want to be there right when it all goes down. Here's all you need to know about Fortnite: The End - Chapter 2 Finale.

Fortnite: The End - Chapter 2 Finale Start Time

Fortnite's sure-to-be epic finale event kicks off on December 4 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET across all platforms. If you're interested in joining the story event, it's recommended that you queue into the playlist as early as 30 minutes ahead of time to ensure you can reserve your seat for the figurative fireworks.

Naturally, we don't know a heck of a lot regarding what the event will entail beyond reasonable assumptions from years of similar events and current happenings in the story. Our Fortnite Season 8 story recap lays out all the facts as we know them, but no one outside of Epic knows how it will all end just yet.

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November 24th 2021, 3:00:00 pm

Get A Pre-Black Friday Deal On MagellanTV's Documentary Streaming Service

The history of the world provides background for popular games like Call of Duty, Total War, and Assassin’s Creed, to name just a few. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the era a game is based in, a documentary is a great start.

Beyond researching video games, documentaries are also often immersive and entertaining films that can serve as fresh alternatives to your favorite scripted content. If you’re looking for one of the best documentary streaming services out there, MagellanTV is offering a 39% discount for its 12-month subscription as a part of a pre-Black Friday Sale. For only $36 (reg. $59), you can have access to MagellanTV’s thousands of award-winning documentaries that cover history, science, nature, technology, lifestyle, true crime and a ton of other genres.

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November 24th 2021, 3:23:00 pm

GameFly Black Friday Sale: Grab Metroid Dread For $45

GameFly has kicked off its Black Friday sale with a selection of specials on the latest and most popular games. If you don't mind your games having had a previous owner, then GameFly's selection of preowned titles can save you a substantial amount of cash. Here's what the site has to offer for Black Friday.

GameFly's Black Friday sale includes some nice discounts on Nintendo Switch games, including Mario Golf: Super Rush, Metroid Dread, and New Pokemon Snap.

For more Black Friday sales, don't forget to check out where you can grab new copies of Resident Evil Village, Deathloop, and Call of Duty: Vanguard at rock-bottom prices, while deals on plenty of other great games are also live right now.

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November 24th 2021, 4:08:00 pm

Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale Is Live Now

With every digital distribution platform launching a sale this week, it was only a matter of time before the Epic Games Store joined in on the discounted action. As you'd expect, the Epic Games Store's Black Friday sale is loaded with great deals on classic and recent games, with titles like Hitman 3, Death Stranding, and Red Dead Redemption 2 flexing some impressive numbers for the next few days.

Best Black Friday Epic Games Store Deals

Beyond the more recent titles, you can even save some cash on early access games, with Darkest Dungeon II being a noteworthy example. Sony's first-party masterpiece Horizon Zero Dawn is also up for sale, and you can grab 2020's magnificent Hades at its best price yet.

For more deals, don't forget to check out our roundups for the best Amazon Black Friday deals, the best games for $20 or less, and the Xbox Store Black Friday sale.

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November 24th 2021, 8:32:00 pm

Pokemon Go Eevee Evolutions Guide: How To Evolve Eevee Into Espeon, Sylveon, Vaporeon, And More

Eevee is one of the most unique pocket monsters available in Pokemon Go, having the distinct ability to evolve into one of eight different forms, each with its own type. Filling your Pokedex will require adding one of each to your roster, so let us be your guide on how to get each of these eight Eeveelutions.

How To Evolve Eevee Into Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon

First, you'll need to obtain 25 Eevee Candies by catching Eevees and sending them to Professor Willow. Once you have them, using the 25 candies will turn your Eevee into one of the three original evolutions.

However, there is a trick that can guarantee which Eeveelution you'll receive, though it only works once for each form. By changing Eevee's name to a particular nickname, you can choose which Eeveelution you'll receive. The names are as follows:

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November 24th 2021, 9:48:00 pm

Genshin Impact Combat Guide: Elemental Types, Attack Patterns, And More Explained

There are plenty of aspects to Genshin Impact, but one of the most important is combat. The majority of the game's exploration and missions will involve combat of some kind, so it's important to have a basic understanding of how it works. Here is a rundown of the combat and elemental types in Genshin Impact.

The basics

Beidou, an electric claymore user
Beidou, an electric claymore user

The basic act of combat is relatively simple on the surface, but every single character has a slight variation to how they attack and their attack speed. One of the most important things to know upfront is what type of weapon each character in your party uses, the range of that weapon, and the speed at which that character attacks. There are five types of weapons in the game. Catalysts and bows work best at long-range, claymores and polearms are well-suited to mid-range, and swords are ideal for close-range fights.

Each weapon has a rapid attack pattern, which can be used by repeatedly pressing the attack button, as well as a charged attack. The charged attack for all weapons, except for the bow, can be used by holding the attack button, which will consume a portion of the stamina meter. The charge attack for bows can be used by aiming down sights and holding the attack button. Attack patterns and charge attacks vary from character to character, so it's important to be familiar with the speed and movement of each character in your party.

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November 25th 2021, 5:28:00 am

Black Ops Cold War Launches Double XP Event For Thanksgiving Weekend

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is nearing the end of its sixth and final season, but players will have a chance to max out Battle Passes with a new five-day-long double XP weekend. Announced by Treyarch on Twitter, the bonus event will run the full length of the holiday weekend, offering players double XP, weapon XP, and Battle Pass XP.

Black Ops Cold War's sixth season is due to finish up on Thursday December 2, after which Call of Duty: Vanguard's first season will kick off on December 8, officially moving the action over to Activision's latest COD title.

A recent leak has given fans a sneak peek at the content that may be coming with Vanguard's first season, though it's likely that Activision will confirm more details about the upcoming season soon.

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November 25th 2021, 3:00:00 pm

Boost Your IT Skills With 70% Off The Black Friday Mega Lifetime Bundle

The Black Friday Mega Lifetime Bundle offers three different libraries of online courses to help you practice your coding skills and stay on top of a swiftly moving industry. It's 70% off with code BFSAVE70 during our Black Friday Sale.

Infosec4TC Platinum Membership: Cyber Security Training Lifetime Access

Cybersecurity is an ongoing challenge for IT professionals, both in maintaining the fundamentals of a secure system and learning the latest threats and opportunities. Infosec4TC is built for IT professionals to get up to speed and stay knowledgeable, and works as great practice for certification exams and learning from real-world situations.

The Stone River eLearning: Lifetime Membership

With an average instructor rating of 4.2 out of 5, Stone River is built on the idea that professionals need courses that come to them. Included with the courses are free unlimited eBook downloads and unlimited exams to help you refine and practice skills.

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November 25th 2021, 4:32:00 pm

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3-Month Subscriptions Are $25 For Black Friday

Xbox Game Pass has proven to be one of the best deals in gaming, providing an all-you-can-game experience for a modest price every month. If you're looking to top up your subscription or even start a new one, we're keeping track of the best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals that have gone live on Black Friday.

Right now, you can snag three-month subscriptions for $25 at Amazon and GameStop. This is the same deal we saw at most retailers last year, and we'd be surprised if it is available for less anywhere else this week.

Best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal

Considering that this tier of Xbox Game Pass--which includes access to its library on both PC and console, EA Play, and other benefits--costs $15 a month, you're saving $20 overall on a single three-month subscription. Not only does this mean that you can access Xbox-exclusive games such as Forza Horizon 5, Psychonauts 2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator (and Halo Infinite next month) you'll also get Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Live Gold.

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November 25th 2021, 4:34:00 pm

Black Friday PS Plus Deal: Get A 12-Month Membership For $40

The best PS Plus deal for Black Friday are available at most major retailers right now. PS Plus normally costs $60 for a 12-month subscription, but right now you can get it for $40 at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Target. If you purchase PS Plus at any of these retailers, you'll get a digital code emailed to you that you can then redeem on the PlayStation Store.

Best PlayStation Plus Black Friday deal

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November 25th 2021, 5:55:00 pm

Best Buy Black Friday Sale Has Arrived: Check Out The Best Deals

Best Buy has been offering Black Friday deals since mid-October, but the retailer's actual Black Friday sale just went live. Best Buy's Black Friday sale includes a bunch of awesome deals, including steep discounts on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch games as well as TVs, laptops, and much more. We've rounded up the best deals in Best Buy's Black Friday sale below.

Best Buy Black Friday game deals

Let's kick things off with games. There's no shortage of great deals on games in Best Buy's Black Friday sale. Deathloop is on sale for $30, Far Cry 6 is $40, Guardians of the Galaxy is $30, and Riders Republic is $30. Check out all of the best game deals below:

Other gaming deals

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November 25th 2021, 6:15:00 pm

Black Friday Video Game Art Book And Comics Deals

Looking for a great gift for the holidays to give to a friend who adores video games, comic books, and all manner of pop culture? Then you can't go wrong with a book that they can add to their coffee table or shelf. A great graphic novel or a video game art book isn't just a thoughtful gift, but usually a budget-friendly one as well.

At this time of year, printed pop culture material is usually on sale with a decent discount applied. Black Friday sales sometimes even do a two-for-one deal, allowing you to create a personalized library of fine art, thrilling stories, and pure class in no time flat.

We've gone through the numerous deals that are currently live, and you can see some brilliant books below that are on sale during this year's Black Friday event.

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November 25th 2021, 6:21:00 pm

Walmart Black Friday Sale Is Live Now: Check Out The Best Deals

Walmart's Black Friday sale includes some incredible game deals, such as steep discounts on new releases like Deathloop, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Far Cry 6. Walmart is also slashing the prices on TVs, laptops, and many other tech and entertainment products. While in-store deals are live right now, we've also rounded up some of the best online discounts so that you don't have to risk going outside this weekend.

Best Black Friday deals at Walmart

Console restocks

Walmart will have the PS5, PS5 Digital, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S in stock for Walmart+ members at 1 PM PT / 4PM ET.

It's unclear if restocks will also be available for non-subscribers later tonight, but Walmart has been staggering restocks lately, so we wouldn't be surprised to see more restocks at Walmart throughout the week. Walmart will also have the holiday Nintendo Switch bundle, which comes with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and three months of Nintendo Switch Online for $300.

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November 25th 2021, 6:37:00 pm

Best Black Friday Gaming Desk Deals

A good gaming desk can be both functional and stylish, and with Black Friday here, deals on cutting-edge slabs of horizontal storage for your gaming rigs have gone live. We've rounded up the best Black Friday gaming desk deals that we've seen so far. For more PC gaming deals, check out our roundups of the best gaming monitor and best gaming laptop deals.

November 26th 2021, 2:34:00 am

Massive Exotic Weapon Tweaks Coming With Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary Update

The weekly Bungie posts have been hefty leading up to the Bungie 30th Anniversary event, which brings tons of new updates. Just this month, the This Week At Bungie posts have gone over grenade and melee abilities regeneration and Super cooldowns, but another important part of the upcoming update is weapons and mods.

A recent TWAB listed changes coming to weapons in player-vs-environment and player-vs-player modes. In PvE, slug Shotguns will have their damage reduced by 10%, while pellet Shotguns get a 10% increase. Linear Fusion Rifles are the go-to weapon currently for damage against large enemies and bosses because of the Particle Deconstruction mod from the Seasonal artifact. Linear Fusion Rifles will become more powerful with a 10% damage increase in PvE. Bows will do an extra 10% damage against rank-and-file enemies, which are basic red bar enemies. Lastly, Fusion Rifles and Sidearm will have increased projectile speed, and Caster Swords will have a reduced ammo cost of 5 instead of 8.

Exotic Weapons

Changes to Exotic weapons will revitalize older weapons that players rarely use and fine-tune some newer ones. A total of 14 Exotic weapons will see changes, including this season's Lorentz Driver.

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November 26th 2021, 6:20:00 am

Battlefield 2042 Gets A Nice Discount For Black Friday

If you haven't picked up Battlefield 2042 yet, now's your chance to grab it for less on Black Friday. The newly released online multiplayer shooter is on sale for $47 at Walmart. This deal is available for the PS5, PS4, and Xbox physical editions of Battlefield 2042. This is the first significant discount we've seen on Battlefield 2042 since it launched last week. It's just one of the many great game deals available for Black Friday.

Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer-only shooter that has a lot to love, even if it's still a tad rough around the edges at the moment. Portal allows you to take a trip down memory lane to revisit popular content from the franchise's history as well as create your own custom game modes with the included editor. Battlefield 2042 has large, sprawling maps and a nice variety of game variants, including Hazard Zone, which implements some of the key ideas from the battle royale formula.

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November 26th 2021, 8:00:00 am

Trials Of Osiris Rewards This Week In Destiny 2 (Nov. 26-30)

Destiny 2's Thanksgiving weekend has kicked off, and now's a great time to be thankful for going Flawless in the highly-competitive Trials of Osiris multiplayer mode. Starting from 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET, the pinnacle PvP event features a rotating selection of maps and new gear to earn every weekend, and runs until the weekly reset at the same time the following Tuesday.

We don't know just what Saint-14 has up his Exo-sleeves just yet regarding exact details on Trials of Osiris, but we'll update this post once we do.

As usual, a Flawless run rewards players with an alternate Adept weapon that has some of the best stats and perks in all of Destiny 2, and to get started you'll want to pay a visit to Saint-14 in the Tower to pick up a Trials card, which dictates which certain bonuses you'll earn (such as whether you get bonus rewards at certain milestones or if a loss will be forgiven).

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November 26th 2021, 8:00:00 am

Where Is Xur Today? (Nov. 26-30) - Destiny 2 Xur Location And Exotics Guide

Destiny 2's favorite Exotic arms dealer is back for another weekend, and while the agent of the Nine isn't hosting a Black Friday sale on his wares, he still has an assortment of gear to offer. With Trials of Osiris, upcoming Anniversary celebrations, and the Dawning around the corner, now's a great time to stock up on any weapons and armor that might be missing from your arsenal.

While we don't know where Xur is exactly or what he's selling this weekend, we'll update this post as soon as we have those details. Xur usually hangs around the European Dead Zone, Nessus, or the Tower hangar, and he'll be active in one of those areas from November 26 - 30.

Alongside changes in his location every week, Xur's inventory is also refreshed on a weekly basis. That means it's worth visiting him each time to check out his new weapons and rolls on Exotic and Legendary armor. You can visit him any time between his arrival Friday and the weekly reset at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET the following Tuesday when Xur exits the solar system.

November 26th 2021, 3:00:00 pm

This Unity And Unreal Black Friday Special Can Get You Making Your Own Video Games For Just $9

If you've ever wanted to make your own games, you'll need experience in a programming language and a graphics engine. This Black Friday bundle deal can get you started on both, with The Unreal & Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle available for $9 (reg. $1,200) after you use the code BFSAVE70.

The Unreal game engine has been around for 25 years, and has become one of the top engine choices for game developers. Unreal is a mainstay in the gaming community for its graphical power and visual scripting. Taught by ZENVA Academy, the lessons on Unreal will cover all you need to know to get started, even if you have never coded before.

Useful for games on both PCs and smartphones, Unity has flexibility and ease of use that beginners and indie developers should find welcoming. This bundle will take you through the steps of scripting in C# to create all the components that you'll need in Unity, and by the end, you'll have more than 20 mini-projects of your own to use in your portfolio. Taught by developer Raja Biswas, the founder of Charger Games, the course teaches you the ins and outs of Unity.

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November 27th 2021, 3:00:00 pm

Get A Lifetime Of VPN Protection With This Black Friday Deal

Individuals, companies, and even governments are falling victim to ransomware and hackers, which is why a high-quality VPN that can help prevents intrusions, theft, and spying can be useful. For Black Friday, you can get the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription for just $20 (reg. $199).

KeepSolid’s network of secure servers is located around the world, and users will get unlimited bandwidth and speed. KeepSolid states they have military-grade encryption, accessible P2P servers, and numerous VPN protocols, which should keep any spyware, malware, or viruses out of your devices..

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November 27th 2021, 7:00:00 pm

Balancing Hero Shooters Is A Science That Requires Live Test Subjects

It won't surprise you to hear that game development is hard. And in the ever growing games-as-a-service market, that development sometimes doesn't have an easily defined endpoint. You can see this in hero shooters--the larger ones continuously get new characters every season, forcing the developers to reevaluate the in-game meta and rebalance existing characters over and over again.

But what about the new characters? Prior to releasing new playable characters, do developers try to balance them based on what the team perceives that character's role in the meta will be? Or is there some other consideration that governs their approach? Once again, it won't surprise you to learn that different studios have different strategies for how they attempt to balance their new hero characters prior to players getting their hands on them. The one common thing among them, however, is that they all agree it's a big challenge.

Respawn, for example, aims to introduce new playable legends in Apex Legends as slightly too strong. It's a trend you can see across the battle royale game's Year 3 legends. Though Fuse did release in too weak a state, the same can't be said for Valkyrie, Seer, and Ash. Seer especially launched in a devastatingly overpowered state, and Respawn had to quickly nerf him within weeks of the start of Season 10: Emergence. Neither Valkyrie nor Ash launched in quite as unbalanced a state, but both characters did (and continue to) draw ire from the community for their powerful passive abilities.

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