Hi there, I'am a developer of nius.io ('nius' because sounds like a 'news', no wonder here), a news reader platform that currently supports Telegram public channels and RSS.

So a little story here: I'am a big fan of telegram channels and subscribed to dozens of different channels. At some point I was unable to read them all because it is really annoying to switch between channels: scroll, go to another one, scroll, again and again, that stupid mute button in the mobile version of telegram client that been pressed all the time while I scrolled the channel feed and so on. So I have to deal with it and decided to develop a news portal that can solve this annoyance.

Reading my story you can guess that one of the main features is ability to show multiple channels content at one time. It's called channels group. You can see an examples of these channels groups at home page of the Nius site (no need to login, here is the link to test group one and group two). Because I still using RSS (R.I.P. Google Reader) as a source of blogs and news feed I've added basic support of RSS too.

So at this point Nius can be used as an alternative Telegram client to read  Telegram channels online without need of Telegram account itself. Nius already fetching about 9000 channels, you can browse them right now, you can also add your favorite channels too. Have fun!