First of all you need to Sign up or login if you already registered Nius account.

Then you will see the home page

Menu button is located at left-top corner of each page, use it to navigate between pages in Nius Reader.

Now press Menu button and select Browse link to find channels you want to subscribe.

In Browse page:

  • Select desired category, also you can choose language to filter channels (please note, not every channel is tagged with language yet)
  • Click on channel in list and view its content. If you like channel click button 'Subscribe'. You can find subscribe button at top and bottom of channel page
  • Done! Repeat browse to add more channels you like. You can see every subscribed channels in Channels page (Click Menu button and select 'Channels link)

After you subscribed to some channels it is time to create Channel Group. Click Menu button and select 'Groups' link in menu bar.

In Groups page:

  • Press sub menu button and click 'Add new channels group' menu item.

In opened dialog type your channel group name and select channels to group then click 'Add'. Done! You have created your first group! Now you can select your group in list and read grouped channels in one view! View position will be saved so you can return to same records you finished read last time (This applies to channels too).

Good reading!